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 I am allergic to almost everything. I have to be careful with everything from food sensitivities to environmental reactions. After trying hundreds of creams that did everything from breaking out my face to burning my delicate skin I found Avama. This pure soothing cream restored my youthful appearance and cost half the price of other over the counter products.


I live an Organic lifestyle from what I eat to the detergents I clean my house with and even paper products. Why would I ever want to put chemicals on my face! When I discovered Avama I was elated to find a face cream that was not only natural, but was clean and pure. Finally I can look beautiful with no harsh ingredients that will compromise my health.

After 20 years in New mexico desert I finally found a cream that can hydrate and return my skin's healthy glow. When I started using "Avama" I could feel the nutritional formula soothing and healing my skin. My clients are amazed by my transformation and comment about my fine lines disappearing.