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stimulating and regenerating

Age Defying

Super Shilajit Rejuvenating 

You will love the way you look!

Shilajit (read Avama™ night cream) works on a molecular level, stimulating process of skin cell growth. It also improves the blood’s ability to transport oxygen and iron, which results in a youthful glow. Shilajit also balances electrolyte levels, thus optimizing the body’s metabolism rate (which slows down as we age).
Hormone balancing has also been reported with Shilajit use. Finally, the sheer abundance of minerals and trace elements in this substance place a huge role in anti-aging.
The minerals play a key role nutrition, aiding in the growth of new cells, and the high percentage of fulvic acid found in Shilajit helps expedite the delivery of the minerals to where they need to go. Healthier, more efficient cell production means faster collagen synthesis, and that means smoother, more youthful looking skin.
Fifty percent of the Avama™ formula works to increase and support natural synthesis of collagen. Collagen is 97.7 percent of the fibrous protein in the dermis. Like everything in the body, collagen is constantly regenerating itself, a process that takes 28 days for the skin to naturally complete. That said, most people begin to see results after one month of use.
How Does Avama™ Reduce Acne?
Some bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungus live on the skin. As a result, collagen is destroyed and its production is altered. This leads to skin aging faster and looking tired, saggy, dull, and unhealthy.
Shilajit not only aids in collagen synthesis to heal acne scars, but it contains anti-bacterial properties that target unhealthy microbes at the root of acne.

How it Works

Rejuvenating Night Cream

With Shilajit for Face and Neck  2fl.oz/50ml

Every woman was born with smooth, beautiful skin. But today, environmental assaults can cause cellular damage that visibly ages skin ahead of its time. It is essential to give skin what it needs to prevent and even repair this damage before it becomes permanent. Thanks to the latest technology, a 150-year old family recipe and method of production, we have developed a revolutionary new product, Avama™ Rejuvenating Night Cream for the face and neck.
Innovative Avama™ night cream bathes skin with an elixir of youth to help restore balance and prevent further destruction of skin cells, reducing visible wrinkles as it soothes, nourishes while you sleep.
Avama™ reinforces the skin's night-time defenses by neutralizing free radicals and ensuring reinforced fine line prevention. Skin becomes visibly more beautiful in the morning … bright, youthful, toned and fresh, full of vitality, and dramatically reducing the signs of aging.

Our Product

Why is Avama™ so unique?
We use only natural ingredients, minerals and vitamins, and Shilajit, known as a powerful bio-stimulator that enhances the regenerative processes and rejuvenates damaged tissues.
Shilajit contains over 85 of the vital minerals needed for energy reactions in our cells and the growth of new cells and high percentages of fulvic acid to help transport these minerals deep into the skin.
Shilajit also stimulates the growth process of skin cells at a molecular level and improves the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and iron; it gives people a healthy appearance and youthful glow.
The following is a mere sampling of what makes Shilajit in Avama™ night cream so remarkable:
• Completely natural, straight from the earth
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-oxidant
• Catalytic agent (enhances the properties of other herbs/nutrients)
• Safe. No known contraindications.
• Collagen accelerator
• Contains 85 minerals in ionic form (more readily absorbed and transported by the body)
• Contains fulvic acid (helps the body absorb minerals and nutrients at a cellular level)
• Contains triterpenes (antioxidant and anti-anxiety properties)
• Unlimited shelf life. Shilajit by itself will never spoil.
This cream has a natural cream color and a pleasing aroma. Fast absorbing and hypoallergenic.

What’s Stopping You?
Rare ingredients from the farthest reaches of the earth spells rare beauty, and Avama™ puts it in your grasp. Whether you’re looking for an answer to acne, want to turn back the clock, or are simply looking for a preventive measure for skin health, Avama™ has it all. Our product uses no synthetic chemicals, is crafted with the utmost care, and is guaranteed to give you that extra boost in beauty you’ve been looking for.

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