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Become younger, thanks to a secret formula Avama  night cream!

Disappointed with the usual anti-aging products? Looking for a wow-factor without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures? Seeking a product that naturally brings out your beauty and has heads turning in amazement?
Say hello to Avama™. Explore a product that exceeds even the highest-end beauty products on the market, aggressively targeting the most common cosmetic woes: aging and acne. You won’t find any other product that brings results as radical -- and as natural -- as Avama™ .
Our secret? - Shilajit.
This rare substance with astounding anti-aging properties is tarry, plant-based mineral exudate several million years old, found in the highest recesses of the Earth. Tucked away on the steepest rock formations of the Himalayas and other majestic Eurasian ranges, Shilajit is a mysterious medicinal substance containing more than 85 minerals and essential trace elements. Found at elevations between 16,000 and 18,000 feet and formed in precise climatic conditions, Shilajit is famous for having the most potent anti-aging properties on Earth.
Ancient Ayurvedic medical texts hail Shilajit as one of the most powerful tonic substances known to man and declare it as having the ability to add years to a person’s life. Shilajit is described as a critical factor in rejuvenation therapy, fertility, and immunity. It’s known in these ancient texts for its ability to not only improve complexion, but to build a person’s strength and to help heal many diseases

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